Moleskine Notebook: analog app

Barcelona, Spain-based advertising and ‘things’ agency Honest&Smile collaborated with Moleskine Notebooks to create the first Moleskine notebook that works as an analog application for your iPhone.

The AbracadabraApp is a small, sketching Moleskine notebook that comes equipped with: a small portable mirror, three colored transparent plastic filters, and a plastic slider on its side for your iPhone to sit on.

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With the small mirror and clever iPhone positioning (with the help of the plastic slider), users can capture split-screen images or videos—two different angles (front and back views) of the same scene, or record two sides of a conversation.

The colored plastic filters lets users apply effects to pictures manually.

Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and 5, AbracadabraApp can also be collapsed easily in seconds for easy portability—and, of course, be used as a regular notebook.



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