Facebook new logo!

Facebook has rolled out a new logo, and given some of its other icons an update for the first time in years.

For its new logo, the social media giant has rid its square “f” icon of the faint blue line at the bottom, and the letter “f” is also pulled closer to the edge of the box.

Other official pages of the social network—from the mobile icon to the security icon—have also been redesigned, and their backgrounds featured in Facebook’s signature blue color, making things more uniformed.

According to web developer Tod Waddington of Cut Out + Keep, the Facebook’s new square “f” logo appeared on Friday in the company’s newsroom webpage; however, Facebook has not updated all of its pages yet.

What do you think of Facebook’s new logo and icons?

Old (left), New (right)

Old (left), New (right)

[via DesignTAXI]